Central Renovation

Improve or relocate Archives

The Archives Department has not only outgrown its current space, the space also lacks adequate preservation protection.


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    Chris Hare

    If a parking deck is included as part of the renovation, adding a basement to the deck could provide additional storage for Archives.

  2. Comment
    Barbara Hutto

    If archives was located off site, this a could location to access other items that would be of historical value but not necessarily archived.

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    Another idea for the archives would be to get the city to give over an old school to use as an archives branch of the library. It could also help with downtown or neighborhood revitalization.

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      Chris Hare

      I'm speculating, here, but my guess is that the downvote on jpsousa1898's response is based on the choice of target building; many school buildings are treasured long past their last dates of active use. Aiming for a long-unused office building (especially one that holds no particular historical value), on the other hand, might prove much easier.

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    Community Member

    It would be wonderful if Archives was open the same hours as other Central departments. I know additional hours have been added recently, which is great.

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