Central Renovation

Improve signage in both buildings

Signage should be improved to make way-finding easier.


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  1. Comment
    Chris Hare

    Fewer signs with more details available at each sign location: printed floor maps with legends (numerical and alphabetical) including call number ranges per shelf or department; "Staff Picks" reading lists; "ASK!" stations include interactive "you-are-here" maps and catalog terminals (with links to items' CHECK SHELF locations on the floor map); real-time display of public computer availability.

  2. Comment
    Chris Hare

    "ASK!" stations (some or all) include anchored scanners for patron use. Scanning a library item retrieves the full Encore record for display on-screen.

  3. Comment
    Chris Hare

    "ASK!" stations designed and constructed for widest possible accessibility: touchscreen and traditional keyboard/mouse; reachable by patrons other than standing adults (e.g. very young patrons and wheelchair patrons); patrons using braille or audio-assistive technology (patron-owned or library-provided hardware plug-in capability should be advertised and easy to use); obvious on-screen "+" and "-" button to enlarge or shrink the visual display for readability; standardized and modular station design to specifically include possibility of further changes as they arise.

  4. Comment
    Richard Manoske

    Touch-panel information screens close to the entrance could provide way-finding and/or programing information.

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