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Include a cafe

A cafe with outside seating and an outside entrance would add value to the surrounding area.


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    Rachel Joiner

    I think this is a wonderful idea and would provide a place for people to have small writing group sessions. All the writing workshops I've ever attended have been in coffee shops, so this would provide a nice intimate setting for that sort of activity/gathering.

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    Community Member

    I come from out of town and spend all day sometimes at the library. For lunch, I either eat in my car or I "sneak" down to the hot dog joint on the corner (yes, I feel guilty for leaving my car in the library parking lot while not in the library). It would be so nice to have a cafe to buy small salads and sandwiches, to take a break from research.

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    Richard Manoske

    Place the cafe near the entrance with refreshments and informal seating. Display screens in a prominent position overlooking the indoor portion of the learning cafe could remind visitors of key events in the library’s calendar, gallery offerings or activities for the day.

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    I would love for the library to have a cafe or cafeteria that served hot food items. I would love to have something similar to Alabama Power's cafeteria that could be contracted out to a company like Morrison's or some other catering company.

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    John Morse

    It would be wonderful to be able to sip coffee at a table in Linn Park. Partnering with a good operator sounds like a good way to get it going.

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    Tamara Hue

    Although BPL Central is closer to me, if I know I'm going to have an all-day study day, I'm more likely to go to the Hoover library simply because I don't have to worry about leaving to go get lunch and snacks. It would be fantastic if BPL offered even basic sandwiches and snacks. With all of the resources BPL has, it would be great to be able to stay all day and not worry about "sneaking" (as another commenter put it) off to get food!

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    Community Member

    Correct me if I am wrong but I think the Downtown Library tried this before and it did not go well. Many patrons who said they would patronized this service only did so for about a month. Plus the responsibility landed on the library staff instead of an outside company to handle. I feel it is a wonderful idea as long as the regular library staff is not responsible for it.

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      Central did try selling muffins and coffee but it was the staff that did the serving and selling. I think this idea is to have an outside operator do it, like the Museum does. Library provides the space and third-party operates it.

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    The cafe was not Central's project but the project of a local coffee shoppe. The project was an experimental project implemented by administration. Staff should not have had any responsibility with the project. However, a cafe is worth reviewing but must have a contract in place.

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