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Parking deck with staff parking on the top

Multi-floor parking deck with staff parking on the top with a staff and deliveries only access from the deck to the fourth floor would enable materials to be moved into and out of the building without dragging them through the entire library. This would increase the parking for the entire library and lessen the noise and distraction in the library.


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    Chris Hare

    I believe that increased parking availability would encourage greater use of the Central Library. Since enlarging the parking area's footprint is not an option, a multi-floor parking deck seems to be the only feasible option. Referring to rsmeansonline.com, cost estimates for a five-story parking garage (145,000 sq ft, no basement) range from $8,338,500 to $11,380,500 ($57.51 - $78.49 per sq ft). Cost estimates vary based on construction material choices. I definitely believe we should include a parking deck in the Central Library's renovation.

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    A parking deck with fees, after an hour of usage, would add revenue to the library's budget. Check out Indianapolis Public Library to see if feasible.

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      Carla Jean Whitley

      I especially like the idea of fees not kicking in until after the one-hour mark. If fees were immediate, I'd be concerned that it would discourage Central usage. This model would increase revenue without alienating patrons.

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    A basement storage area and storm shelter for the library should be considered in a parking structure

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    i like the idea of new deck and basement shelter included but will this take monies away from redesigning the interior? the already existing building is what we are supposed to be spending money on.I also spend 4 to 5 hrs a day at the library. would i be able to afford the daily cost to park?

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      Chris Hare

      Whether parking availability is constrained due to price or space, the constraint is still present. If a patron's visit doesn't happen because parking costs too much or is only available too far from the library, we should work to increase the supply of nearby, affordable parking. We're not looking to price anyone out of a visit, but we do need more parking space. I would imagine that if we were to validate deck parking, we could waive or reduce the cost in some cases -- as long as we did so according to a clear and consistently applied set of rules.

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